Australia's Most Streamed

For the past 3 years Rachael Fahim has consistently been one of the highest streamed Australian female country artists, second only to Kasey Chambers.

In 2021 Rachael’s music has consistently topped the Australian Country radio charts, with her new single ‘Middle Ground’ holding the #1 position for 5 consecutive weeks! Don’t miss Rachael’s trademark anthemic chorus’s and emotion evoking storytelling in the irresistible blend of country-pop that Rachael has perfected.

When Is Rachael Playing?

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Rachael Fahim

9:00 PM, Fri 22nd / Dirt n Dust Central
We're super excited to have Rachael kick off our Friday evening concert for us! For the past 3 years Rachael ...

Rachael Fahim

10:45 PM, Sat 23rd / Dirt n Dust Central
We’re lucky to have Rachael kick off Saturdays huge night of entertainment from DirtnDust Central! For the past 3 years ...